From Karen: Sea Adventure Resort, Cancun Mexico I wanted to fill you in on our experience in Cancun at the Sea Adventure Resort. It was really terrific, we all had a great time. The rooms were spacious, clean, and were only steps off the beach with a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea. The water facilities were all great, the water park of course could not disappoint any kid. Our kids absolutely loved it. We felt safe and secure the whole time. Security at the hotel and water park were good, and there wasn’t a lot of people around at this time of year. Some afternoons there were only a handful of kids on the waterslides. The pool at the beach was very nice, not cold like I’d feared. Either they heat it, or it is naturally warmer due to the sun warming it. The evening shows were fantastic and really worthwhile. In fact every evening had something fun to do as a family, such as cartoon and TV show song trivia and other contests that are really funny. The staff works incredibly hard to keep the kids and parents entertained the whole time. We could sit back and do nothing on the beach, or we could participate in a number of things they had posted for the day (water polo, archery, “cornhole”, stretching, pingpong, etc.). One highlight was a small catamaran trip (Hobby Cat) my daughter and I took which we scheduled with an activities staff member and then he took us on a free private ride. We saw a giant sea turtle on that adventure. Oysters restaurant served great food and gave the kids an opportunity to experience a fancy 5 course meal. I recommend parents order Mayan Coffees after dinner at Oysters because it’s a great fire show for the kids. The main dinner buffet got a bit tiresome but it does at every all inclusive. For a change, we asked during breakfast if the kitchen would make pizza for us for dinner. They did, we picked it up in the dining room and ate out on patio. While they do offer different “themed buffet dinners”, there wasn’t a whole lot of variety from night to night, but the selection each night usually had a wide assortment of veggies, meats, and pastas. More Mexican dishes to try would have been nice. I can’t say enough about the staff, they really work long hours and are fantastic with kids. We knew many of them by name by the end, and watching them in the shows really emphasized how hard they work. We would recommend the Sea Adventure resort for families with kids ages 2 to 12, and we definitely feel that we got everything we wanted out of our trip. We would not hesitate to go there again if the price is as good as it was for us. It’s not a hotspot for young adults looking to party.