Dive Resorts & Excursions


You can dive in tropical waters all over the world. From the many beautiful spots in South-East Asia, to the Caribbean ocean in Middle America or to the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia. But diving is not only for in the tropical oceans. Diving can be done in the ice cold waters in [...]



India is a geographically diverse land that enjoys almost all the physical features and geographical locations, from the monolithic mountains of the Himalayas to the Golden Sands of the Thar Desert, and from the snowcapped mountains to pristine sandy beaches. States of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Uttaranchal and Tamil Nadu are [...]

Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas is a city at the southern tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Cabo is a varied destination that captures the essence of Baja Peninsula in its many resorts, hotels, golf courses, dining and amazing outdoor activities. Cabo San Lucas is a bustling hub for sport fishermen, cruise [...]



Asia The Asian continent is home to some of the most spectacular cities in the world, like Kyoto, Toyko, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok and Siem Reap, Cambodia jus to name a few. These major cities are complemented by vast countryside, making up an appealing combination throughout Asia of secluded [...]

River Cruises


River cruising is a wonderful way to explore the countryside. Sailing gently along as medieval castles float by your balcony. A home away from home - a different port everyday for you to delve into the culture.  With great dining, exceptional service and immersive itineraries, river cruising is becoming very popular! http://www.vikingrivercruisescanada.com/myagent/sundialtravel/ [...]

Solo Travel


Solo Travel Booking a solo vacation with Sundial Travel will ensure that we handle all the fine details, and help you choose the right trip. Safety is a concern for many solo travelers, and with the companies we work with, you will have a great safe and smooth trip. The experienced guides [...]

Waterpark Resorts


Do you have children who want to keep busy while you are on vacation? These all inclusive resorts will keep them busy with their water parks and slides! St Lucia Set on 500 acres on the south coast, Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa has amenities that appeal to all types of sun-seeking water [...]



IRELAND The Irish tourism industry is ready to welcome back visitors from around the globe and to help them experience all that the island of Ireland has to offer as a memorable holiday destination, when the time is right. #FillYourHeartWithIreland  IRELAND Nestled [...]

Family Vacations


Family Vacations Call us for the vacation that is right for your family. Whether you have tiny tots or teens we can offer the best fit for you. Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All Inclusive Spa Resort At Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All [...]