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Whether it be trekking through the Himalayans, sailing on a tall ship in the Caribbean, staying in an overwater bungalow in the South Pacific, flights to your favorite city or all inclusive vacations in Mexico.

Sundial Travel offers it all.
Sundial Travel staff strive to ensure that your trip is worry, and hassle, free, even if you book online!

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Should I buy travel insurance?2018-04-02T21:18:22-06:00

It is important to have insurance in case you become ill while on vacation. Doctors and hospital costs in other countries can be highly expensive.

You may already have travel insurance through your health care plan. You should check your coverage before your trip.

Most travel agents are able to sell you insurance for the trip you are planning.

What are the dimensions for carry on luggage?2018-04-09T15:49:42-06:00

Each airline has set dimensions for carry on luggage.

Please check the airlline you are flying with for their carry on specifications. If your carry on exceeds the restricted size you may have to check your bag.

Overweight baggage charges can be expensive.

Here are some websites to check for luggage compliance:
Air transat
Air Canada

Why should I use a travel agent?2018-04-02T21:17:40-06:00

1. Travel agents have access to better rates through volume buying.

2. They can plan and arrange your trip for you.

3. They are available to help, even when you are on your journey.

Who send me my tickets when I book?2018-04-02T21:17:13-06:00

You will receive your e-tickets from your travel agent once your reservation is confirmed.